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September 30, 2016

#ConstChat: Continuing Education

Do you think that post-secondary education is important before starting a job in construction or can people learn on the job? Is online education a good platform for learning construction? Should LEED and USGBC course hours be mandatory? Read the answers to these questions and more in the latest recap for #ConstChat - the weekly Twitter chat for construction professionals. Read more »

September 23, 2016

Tiny Houses: Big Rewards for Living Small

The once-teeny trend of tiny houses has now taken the country by storm. Tiny houses offer a number of enticing factors including reduced cost and simplified living. How much reduction? And where did this tiny house trend originate? Who's building tiny homes? Read more »

September 16, 2016

#ConstChat: Kickstart your blog!

Expert co-host Randy Clark of TKO Graphix was on hand to ask the hard questions, and to give some practical advice on how to kickstart YOUR blog. Read more »


#ConstChat | Contractors

September 14, 2016

Diva of DIY: Lake house with a view… and CableRail!

Leanne Lee, the Diva of DIY, took on a massive renovation project with her lake house fixer-upper. In CableRail, she found the perfect product to make her decks safe without obstructing any of the view. Read more »

September 09, 2016

#Constchat: End of summer review

#ConstChat members have been busy over the summer, but we took some time to reflect on the previous season and lay out our plans for domination in the Fall! Read more »

Archive : September 2016