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April 14, 2016

#ConstChat: Interacting with Clients

Interacting with Clients: the good, the bad, and everything in between. See how ConstChat participants communicate smoothly and effectively.

Share your experience in the comments: have you had a scary client interaction? Transformed a negative interaction into a positive one? Had a glowing review? Tell us!


Q1 What's your role when interacting with clients? (sales/service/support)

Q2 Are you 1st point of contact with your clients? Do you change how you interact with them vs 2nd/3rd/etc contact?

Q3 What is your primary method of communication with clients?

Q4 Do your clients FEEL like they are a priority for you? How do you accomplish this?

Q5 What's more important with clients: being professional or personal?

Q6 Do you have any clear DONT rules in interacting with clients?

Q7 How do you know if a particular interaction was good or bad?

Q8 When interacting, do you "teach" a client to work with you?

Q9 Do you use follow-up interactions with clients? How do you interact?

Q10 What's the scariest client interaction you've had?

Q11 Have you had a negative interaction turn into a positive one?

Q12 Tell us your best client interaction!

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