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January 18, 2017

International Builders’ Show 2017 - trends, products, recaps for discussion

The Inernational Builders' Show was a success! Two halls, thousands of vendors, and hundreds of thousands of visitors. If you were there, you know you didn't see everything there was to see, so we've included a series of recap posts and videos of what you may have missed.

Join us on #ConstChat this Thursday, January 19, at 9am Pacific Time to discuss the following questions:

Q1 What color trends did you see at IBS/KBIS or predict for 2017?
Q2 What material trends did you see at IBS/KBIS or predict for 2017?
Q3 What was the most innovative product you saw at IBS/KBIS?
Q4 Any themes that you saw at IBS/KBIS or see relevant for 2017?
Q5 Is there one product category that you think needs innovation in 2017?
Q5 What was your favorite moment during IBS/KBIS?
Q6 Are there any trends that you see continuing into 2018?
Q7 What trends do you see erupting in digital marketing?
Q8 Any tips for digital marketing for 2017?
Q9 Which mobile apps are trending for 2017?

Show Recaps

Best of IBS Awards 2017

NAHB YouTube channel with daily tours of the show:

Best Design Solutions for the 55+ Buyer

Industry Experts Expect 55+ Market to Continue Rise

Displays and Marketing at the IBS2017

IBS/KBIS Preview: Four Durable Finishes for 2017

Builder online - IBS 2017: Day 1-3 Product Finds

Builder online - IBS Wrap and 2017 Outlook

ConstChat LIVE at IBS2017 in Orlando:

Live demo of Feeney's new tensioning tool

View from inside the Feeney booth at IBS2017:

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