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February 21, 2017

Railing Infill Face-Off: Cable vs. Glass

With all the direct work we do with residential and commercial architects, we know meeting your design vision is at the heart of our business. That’s why we offer a premium palette of posts, top rails, frame colors, and infill options for your specification needs.

When that interior or exterior aesthetic calls for maximum transparency, as it often does, the usual railing infill defaults are a cable or a tempered glass system. It may come as a mild surprise to some to learn our DesignRail® system offers designers both view-friendly systems. Yes, we’re a single-source, infill agnostic when it comes to meeting your project goals and budget.

Both glass and cable railing systems offer style, proven performance, and unfettered sight lines for interior or exterior applications. As you consider the best infill solution for your project, keep this in mind:

Cable Infill

Wind. Allows full air flow across the deck or balcony area.

Installation. CableRail is easy to install with patented automatic locking jaw Quick-Connect® fittings. No crimp tools or wedge-type compression fittings required.

Sustainability. Stainless steel cables contain 70% pre-consumer content and 0% post-consumer content.

Safety. Compliant with the International Building Code and International Residential Code when vertical or horizontal cable spacing is 3 inches or less.

Maintenance. Minimal. Periodic treatment with a stainless steel cleaner and protectant is recommended. Occasional cable tightening is a routine procedure.

Tempered Glass Infill

Wind. Offers a full or partial wind break, which can be a consideration in coastal projects.

Transparency. Can be modulated from clear to custom tinted, helping manage light flow and privacy.

Environmental impact. Clear tempered exterior glass panels can prove to be a hazard to birds. 

Durability. Tempered laminated glass can be specified for varying safety and security levels.

Maintenance. Requires periodic cleaning, though higher quality glass can help reduce cleaning time and frequency.

Tempered glass or cable … both infill msystems offer important design advantages. Feeney is at your service with winning solutions for both.

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