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October 19, 2016

SCU Tiny House Wins Competition!

We are proud to announce that the rEvolve House, a tiny house built by Santa Clara University, has won the inaugural SMUD Tiny House Competition in Sacramento this past weekend!

The competition was to build a net-zero-energy use home 400 square feet or less. Teams were judged in four main categories: Architecture, Energy, Communication and Home Life. Santa Clara University won two of the four main categories: Energy and Communication. Teams were also judged on 20 subcategories with SCU winning six: Day Lighting, Integrated Lighting, Interior Design, Best Kitchen, Best Program and Best Tour.

SCU’s rEvolve House had certain unique features that blew away the competition. First of all, the house sits on a COLOSSUN solar tracking ring that rotates the house as the sun moves across the sky, improving the home's solar efficiency by 30 percent. The living room converts to a bedroom with a Murphy bed that can be pulled down at night. The 35 square foot wet bathroom features a dry-flush toilet that eliminates the use of a blackwater system completes the package. Finally, the walls are constructed with structural insulated panels, making the home stronger and more energy efficient than a traditional stick-framed home.

Feeney donated DesignRail® aluminum railing with CableRail infill. The railing encloses the rooftop deck, which extends the living area into the outdoors, an important feature in tiny house living.

"The Feeney railing installation went much faster than expected and came with clear instructions which made the process extremely easy," said Jack Dinkelspiel, SCU rEvolve House Civil Team Member. "All of our interactions with Feeney throughout this process have been pleasant and they were more than happy to accommodate to our requests and needs. We feel fortunate to have had Feeney as a sponsor for our project, and I know that all members of the team will now think highly of Feeney for any projects requiring architectural railings in the future!"

Construction on the rEvolve house began in June 2016, but research began two years prior. The completed house will be donated to Operation Freedom Paws, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching veterans with disabilities to train their own service dogs. The house will be used by trainees who do not live close to the organization, while they are in the program.

The doorways, showers and appliances are all accessible from a wheelchair. The open interior living area was designed for clients suffering from PTSD. Interior surfaces are tough enough to withstand the rigors of pet ownership and they included a vacuum built into the wall to collect dog hair.

For more information, read the SCU press release, or visit the rEvolve House website. Photos courtesy of the rEvolve House Instagram account. Also, you may learn more about Operation Freedom Paws.

rEvolve House is complete! source: instagram.com/scutinyhouse

Installing the spiral staircase leading to the rooftop deck. source: instagram.com/scutinyhouse

Installing the solar panels. source: instagram.com/scutinyhouse

The winning team at SCU! source: instagram.com/scutinyhouse

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